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Cultural Programme

The Activities of our Cultural Committe stretch through out the year and range from celebrating the inportant observation days to the essentailly student centric programes. Occasions related to a sense of natinalism like 12th january - Youth Day; 23rd januray - Netajis Birth day; 26th Januray - Republic day; 15th August- Independance Day; 2nd October- Gandhi jis' Birth day; 30th June - Hool Divas (a land mark day for Santhal Revolution against the Britishers) are celebrated ceremonially with the accompaniment of parade by the NCC cadets and NSS volunteers.

Days associated with a wider and international significance like the International Mother Language day (21st February); International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (9th August); Enivormental Day (5th June) and Ozone Day (16th September) are celebrated with a mostly academic enthusiasm.

The Teachers day on 5th of September is celebrated both by teachers and students where we remind each other of our duties and responsiblities as teachers and students.

We celebarte Saraswati Puja amalgamating sublime religiosity and the secular sprit enablaing all students irrespective of their faith to take part in it.

Every year new students are welcomed through an elaborate Freshers' Welcome. This provides a platform for our students to come up with cultural performances to make the program an assortment of songs, dances and recitations. The spirit of unfurling their inner abilities is incourgared through out the year by means of short cultural programes that the departments hold outside the purview of the cultural committe.