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National Service Scheme

The N.S.S. is in operation in the college. The college takes it very seriously from the beginning, since we believe that the volunteers of N.S.S. are instrumental in building good campus-society relation. There were three units of N.S.S. in our college each having strength of 100 students. Prof. Partha Pratim Roy, Prof Biswanath Nag and Prof. Sibani De are looking after N.S.S. activities of NSS (Unit I, II & III respectively) as programme officers of the three units. Besides we have got permission from University to open unit IV. Prof. Manas Kumar Das has got the charge of Unit IV.


The students participate in various activities like plantation, blood donation, Pulse Polio Programme etc. They organize seminars on different social awareness matters on regular basis. The major external activities of the college are looked after by our NSS volunteers and the campus-society committee. Besides thalasemia detection of the students have been a concern. Besides NSS volunteers have performed well this year. Four students have participated in Estern Zone Pre-Republic Day Camp and in the State Republic Day Camp. Students of NSS have represented our college in adventure camp in Manali. Our College was chosen as a venue for organizing a cultural meet of 6 colleges affiliated to SKBU.

Other Activities: Regular literacy classes are held in two of the adopted villages by the volunteers of NSS units. We are in constant endeavour to link our institution to the community by engaging ourselves and the students in running literacy programme, organizing seminars on general social matters, blood donation camps, thereby helping the students to acquaint themselves with the society. Aids awareness campaign is also done by the units. The college is also planning to organize seminars on different subjects for the benefit of the students and teachers. A few aspects of our achievement need to be separately highlighted. The college authority constantly keeps in mind the urgency to uplift the aptitude level of both the teachers and the students. The creation of a large seminar hall has facilitated the opportunity for enlistment of the information level and consciousness level of the through seminars.